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About crypto infrastructure

Crypto Infrastructure encompasses the essential components that make cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology function seamlessly. At its core, these are blockchain networks, distributed ledgers that record transactions across a network of computers. These networks are the foundation of crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum, providing the trust and security needed for digital assets.

Smart contracts, a crucial part of crypto infrastructure, are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. They enable decentralized applications (dApps) to run autonomously on blockchain networks, facilitating a wide range of functions, from DeFi protocols to NFT marketplaces.

Oracles, often unseen but vital, act as bridges between blockchain and real-world data. They provide blockchain applications with external information, allowing smart contracts to react to real-world events such as stock prices or weather conditions.

Wallets, another integral element, are digital tools that enable users to store, manage, and interact with their cryptocurrencies securely. They come in various forms, including hardware wallets for added security and convenience.

Crypto infrastructure is also home to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and trading platforms, where crypto enthusiasts trade assets in a peer-to-peer manner, without relying on traditional intermediaries.

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