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Zeus Network is a permissionless and bridgeless communication layer that merges Solana and Bitcoin in a simple, flawless manner. Imagine a decentralized network where Solana’s speed and scalability are combined with over 10 years of Bitcoin's security, liquidity and trust. Well, this is it. Developers now have access to the best of both blockchains, opening the doors wide to the new possibilities of diverse applications and services.

This explosive feat was accomplished with two key components, The Zeus node and the Solana Virtual Machine (SVM). The self-titled node handles peer-to-peer communications, verification and signing operations while the SVM handles state-related programming functionalities. The network system works very simply on paper. The Zeus Node proposes Bitcoin & Solana transactions, submitting them to Zeus program states. Signatures are signed and collected on the Zeus layer before the transaction is communicated to the target blockchain. Fraud proofs are used to thwart any malicious collusion on the node requests, keeping everything safe, sound and smoothly operating.

The $ZEUS tokenomics follows the simple and smooth framework that the network provides. With a max supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, its initial circulating supply began with 167,500,000 (16.75%). The tokens are allocated across several sectors including early backers, ecosystem & community growth as well as reserves to name a few. $ZEUS holders have some utility options on the network. Enhance security features within the ecosystem to contribute to the protected environment. Access services within the Zeus Network and pay gas, fuel or service fees using the token. Participate in governance decisions to help guide the network's future by voting on proposals and protocol upgrades. Gain rewards for all of your thunderous work in the Zeus ecosystem by providing liquidity, staking or engaging in community events.

Excitingly, the future of Zeus is strong out of the gate. The network has received substantial backing from some of Web3's most influential figures. Co-Founder of Solana Anatoly Yakovenko, Founder of Mechanism Capital Andrew Kang and Co-Creator of Stacks Muneeb Ali are all supporting the progress of Zeus. With planned mainnet upgrades, staking options and the upcoming release of the Zeus Programming Library, the network has an exhilarating time ahead.

How much is a ZEUS coin worth?

The current price for one ZEUS is $0.493

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