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Slerf is a meme coin crafted with fun and community engagement in mind. The sloth, powered by Solana has a dramatic story right from launch day, where $10 million worth of $SLERF tokens were accidentally burned; to the dismay of 25,000 pre-sale buyers. The team addressed the dilemma immediately with full transparency and accepted accountability while seeking solutions, resulting in a large rallied community backing the token. In the wake of the tragedy, Slerf surged to a market cap of $750 million within a few hours. The token’s day-1 trading volume came close to $2.5 billion, besting the likes of ETH and USDC.

Resilience, transparency and community engagement are the core pillar principles of Slerf. When faced with a challenge, the Slerf team chose to showcase their values and turn it into an opportunity for growth. Not many token projects have their convictions tested to the absolute limits on their first day but one can not doubt Slerf’s dedication. The spur of early trades continued as the team launched a community donation fund with the LBank exchange to address the losses pre-sale buyers wore. This move reinforced the idea that Slerf would be committed to the community. A meme coin lives and dies by the community, requiring tight-knit trust between holder and team.

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