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SAMO is a meme token launched on the Solana blockchain during the 2021 Meme coin Frenzy. It emerged as a unique player in the memecoin market, distinguishing itself by using the Samoyed dog breed as its mascot, a nod to Solana's co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko. SAMO's mission is to leverage its engaging and educational approach to promote and support the Solana ecosystem as an ambassador. The coin's 'Whitepawper' document defines the team’s cultural and psychological understanding of 'memes' and utilizing their effect to foster a real community.

Samoyed Coin is the figurative wizard in a tower of knowledge, residing amidst a peaceful forest near the outskirts of a bustling city. Their illuminating spell casts a bright beacon above the trees, a call to friendship lights the tower’s highest point. Fresh adventurers and skilled crafters heed the glow of the symbol's warmth and journey to its source. The knowledge of the tower is yours, for your support in the new village around it.

Who created SAMO coin?

The creators of SAMO are two anons known by their pseudonyms, smsl and Hot Onion. Entranced by Solana and its technological advantages, they decided that it could use a fun meme project.

How many SAMO coins are there?

SAMO was created with a maximum supply of 14 billion tokens, but it regularly burns tokens, meaning they're sent to an inaccessible wallet and removed from circulation. As of January 2024 there are currently 4.12 billion SAMO tokens in circulation.

Token distribution

  • 9,254,000,000 (66.1%) for burns
  • 2,016,000,000 (14.4%) for airdrops
  • 1,400,000,000 (10.0%) for marketing
  • 784,000,000 (5.6%) for gradual release
  • 540,000,000 (3.9%) for the core team

How much is SAMO coin worth?

One SAMO is currently worth $0.0103

Is SAMO a Good Investment?

Investing in SAMO hinges on several factors: the cultural impact of dog memes in driving community engagement and accessibility in the crypto market, as exemplified by Dogecoin, the performance and potential of the Solana blockchain and the dynamics of memecoins, marked by their volatility and trend-driven nature.

The appeal and virality of memes, particularly in fostering a strong community play a significant role in the success of memecoins like SAMO. However, this market segment is known for its high risk and dependency on maintaining community interest over time.

How to buy & sell SAMO coin?

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