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Pups is the original meme coin on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is the absolute fundamental example of what a meme coin even is. It’s a cheeky MS-Paint quality monkey in some serious drip is what it is. This is the land where hype and community are the only ones behind the wheel driving value. In that essence, Pups isn't just a cryptocurrency, it's a movement.

The project was originally launched in 2014 and even today goes through big event moments such as shifting from an Ordinals token to the Runes protocol after halving. It also holds history as the first-ever successful BRC-20 token on Bitcoin, proving that a 100% free and fair launch was possible for the Pups project and many others.

The token, the team and the holders all stand for one thing; world peace. Pups claim their work represents the future of meme culture and digital assets being 100% community. At the end of the day, a meme coin is just a meme coin. There is no utility. No roadmap. No promise. There are friends to make, fun to be had and the day to be lived.

Carpe diem Pups.

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