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MEW is a meme coin on Solana that has demanded attention by going against the grain in all senses. In a dogs-filled meme coin world, the likes of Dogecoin, Bonk and Shiba Inu are at the top of the food chain. MEW has come to show how a cat can thrive in such a world, and thrive it has. The token hit a trading value of $150 million only 3 hours after launching. Much like other meme coins, MEW does not currently offer utility but it is a fresh token that has seen a boon of success and only time will tell what the team does moving forward. Unlike many meme coins, this project has intentionally distanced itself from the others in pet adoration style as well as their tokenomic strategy.

The team behind Mew sharpened their claws before slashing 90% of the liquidity pool tokens from existence. A strategic burn-off to introduce high scarcity and create a stable floor price. The remaining 10% was allocated to the Solana community via airdrop. Continuing against the grain, Mew is combating meme coin's vulnerability to value volatility. The token is focused on value, community and stability through scarcity. Stability? In meme coins? At this time of year… centralized entirely in your kitchen?

The future of MEW is as mysterious as it is exciting. With the team comparing their token's value to the top dogs that surround them, they've got a long road but all the agility to skirt around the opposition. As it stands they have the backing of a thriving cat-loving community and have shown their knack for daring strategies and swiping things off the shelf by surprise. Their social pages and community are a plethora of good vibes, worldly teachings and fun art.

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