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Marinade's mSOL token is a liquid staking solution on the Solana blockchain that encapsulates the essence of flexibility and liquidity in decentralized finance (DeFi). When users stake their SOL with Marinade, they receive mSOL tokens in return, which represent the staked SOL within Marinade's stake pool. Since its inception, Marinade has aimed to democratize access to staking rewards, making it easier for SOL holders to contribute to network security and decentralization while maintaining liquidity. The protocol's non-custodial and permissionless nature ensures that users retain control over their assets, fostering a trustless environment that is fundamental to DeFi's ethos.

mSOL is rooted in addressing the liquidity challenges faced by stakers in the Solana ecosystem. Recognizing the potential to improve upon the traditional staking model, the Marinade team developed a solution that not only enhances the liquidity of staked SOL but also distributes staking rewards more efficiently and equitably.

By automatically rebalancing stakes across a diverse set of validators, Marinade supports the overall health and security of the Solana network, contributing to its resilience and performance. The introduction of mSOL has been instrumental in this process, providing a tangible asset that reflects the value of staked SOL plus accrued rewards, all while remaining freely transferable and usable across a variety of DeFi applications.

How does the value of mSOL compare to SOL?

The value of mSOL increases over time relative to SOL, reflecting the accumulation of staking rewards within the Marinade protocol. This makes mSOL gradually more valuable compared to SOL, based on the rewards earned.

Can I convert mSOL back to SOL?

Yes, you can convert mSOL back to SOL at any time using Marinade's platform. There are options for instant unstaking, which includes a fee, or delayed unstaking, which has no fee but requires waiting for 1-2 epochs.

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