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hubSOL is SolanaHub's next-gen single pool validator LST built on the Sanctum liquidity layer. It provides yield with high APY return and has wide integration in DeFi. Its main reason for creation is to empower SolanaHub platform users through several means such as centralizing app access and rewarding users.

SolanaHub is your one-stop platform to access the most widely used Solana apps, utilities and community needs. It's the easiest way to manage and access your decentralized interests in one centralized location. On SolanaHub you can check wallet balances, manage assets (SOL, SPL & NFTs), access lending & borrowing platforms and stake to earn rewards. The project caters to the needs of beginners and experienced DeFi users, offering usability with dashboard overviews, high-yield staking and protocol integrations all without changing tabs. Providing quick access to all of these things and more, SolanaHub's mission is to enable users to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them within the ecosystem.

The team behind hubSOL and SolanaHub cite a number of reasons that led them to where they are today. The DeFi landscape can be daunting to explore. It's overwhelming with unknown terminology, applications and integrations galore that causes some users to stick to the basics such as buying and holding a coin, hoping the value increases one day. Managing multiple applications can be cumbersome and remembering them all is another task. Some users may become overloaded and miss out on new opportunities. SolanaHub's team also understands how trends can impact a speculative market and strive to keep their users up-to-date on the latest developments in DeFi. These are the issues that the team focuses on solving with their project.

The greatest allure of hubSOL is SolanaHub's Loyalty League (a program designed to increase stake size with their validator). When the aim is to capture different stakes such as native, liquid direct and pools from diverse sources, the user benefits from having many options to reap rewards. Stakeholders are rewarded with Loyalty Points daily that give a SolanaHub user various benefits including cashback, airdrops and exclusive discounts applicable to their platform. You can stake in multiple ways, use DAO tokens, refer friends and use their .hub domain to receive extra points. All you need is a native or liquid stake above 1 SOL to participate in the Loyalty League.

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