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GUAC, also known as Guacamole, is a crypto memecoin on Solana. It's described as being "for the people, for the memes, for the toast, and the chips." Its creation aims to introduce a user-friendly platform for trading, earning, creating, and playing. Guac is designed as a community-focused ecosystem, incorporating elements of DeFi with various reward mechanisms. This sets it apart from typical meme projects by offering more interactive and functional elements to its users.


GUAC is the trusted artifact collector within the city’s grandiose market. Stepping into the stall always reveals a new oddity or obsession. Week after week, incredible inventions from great minds around the globe and crafts that define the 'new' occupy the collector's shelves. Frequent customers revel in the points they accrue over time in the shop that help them obtain even more wondrous goods. 'Come for the dip, stay for the marvel and fun time'.

Who created GUAC coin?

The AvocaDAO, also known as the GUAC DAO, is a decentralized community of GUAC holders, led by an elected council that votes on important decisions regarding the community.

GUAC token supply

The total supply of GUAC coins is 98.99 trillion with a maximum supply capped at 99 trillion. Total supply accounts for any token burns.

How much is GUAC coin worth?

GUAC is currently worth $0.000000191

Is GUAC a good investment?

The investment potential of GUAC is closely tied to its relevance in the Solana ecosystem. As Solana gains more mainstream adoption, projects built on its infrastructure, like GUAC, could potentially benefit. The key factors to consider are:

  • GUAC's ability to attract and retain new users as Solana grows.
  • The effectiveness and appeal of GUAC's products and features in the DeFi space.
  • Community-driven meme coins often rely on their memetic value to sustain interest and drive adoption.

How to buy & sell GUAC?

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