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Launched with a vision to redefine decentralized finance, GooseFX offers a unique blend of perpetual futures trading and innovative liquidity pools. Its launch marked a significant shift in DeFi dynamics, attracting a diverse community of traders and enthusiasts. Embodying the spirit of "strength in unity," GooseFX has become synonymous with user-centric innovation and collective growth. With the ethos of 'empowering the user, driven by the community,' it invites a new era of decentralized finance and market strategies.

Origins and Vision

GooseFX was created to address the challenges faced by liquidity providers in the DeFi space. The team recognized that traditional DeFi platforms could be complex and intimidating for users. To make DeFi more accessible, GooseFX introduced a groundbreaking concept known as Single-Sided Liquidity (SSL) pools. These pools allow users to deposit a single asset, eliminating the need for complex token management and reducing the risk of impermanent loss.

The goal of GooseFX was simple: to create a comprehensive platform that delivers real yield to users and token holders through profit distribution. It also aimed to expand its offerings by introducing a Perpetual Futures Decentralized Exchange (Perps DEX).

How much is a GooseFX Token Worth?

The current price of GOFX is $0.0172

How Many GooseFX Tokens Are There?

The total supply of GOFX is 698,749,614. The tokenomics of GooseFX, with its innovative staking and revenue-sharing model, has garnered significant attention in the DeFi space.

How to Buy & Sell GooseFX Token?

Right here. For a full range of trading possibilities, explore your options on Mango.

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