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The GECKO token is a symbol of memes, fun, and the staying power of the Solana community. Launched in December 2023 with an airdrop to more than 50K wallets of digital artists, NFT communities, thought leaders, and developers, GECKO aims to represent the best of culture on the Solana blockchain.

While the memes and vibes are unmatched, GECKO aims to be the most well-distributed and well-integrated token on-chain, drive DeFi adoption, and bring more liquidity to the ecosystem.

The token was created by holders of the Galactic Gecko Space Garage NFT project, a bedrock of SOL NFTs and whose memes have flooded social media for years now. With vocal and financial support from key thought leaders in the community, GECKO inherits the culture and values of the NFT project and broadcasts it for wide-ranging exposure both inside and outside the Solana ecosystem.

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