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It's a Dog wif a Hat. I mean just look at 'em.


dogwifhat, launched by an entity labeled "anonymous dev". A token name that is infectious, chant-able and a riot in discord calls. A meme picture that is instantly lovable to back it up. What an ace.

Their strategy involved spreading the meme’s unique charm and name across the internet, attracting attention far and wide. From a pure "meme" standpoint, its humor is top dog and spread it did. dogwifhat is a token that is abundant in community sentiment while also showing strategic market play.

The token's pres-sale was exclusive to just 29 individuals, who collectively held around 18% of the total supply. Each of these pre-sale tokens went for a rate of 0.6 SOL per wallet, resulting in each of these wallets receiving a substantial airdrop.

See our deeper investigation into the WIF's mysterious origins.

"In the world of crypto, the collective heartbeat of the community, not just the early moves of traders, writes the real story."

It's difficult to judge whether a meme coin takes off or not. dogwifhat's wallet evidence raises the brow but its transformation into a community embraced and supported meme coin is undeniable. After some twists and turns with chart volatility, the community continued to spread the lovable concept. A pure meme. Why not send it to the moon? This renewed attention spurred the token, its story and its audience onward. dogwifhat has grown into an inspiration for numerous new projects and countless "WifHat" collections. A great ripple effect from a single meme token.

How much is WIF worth?

One WIF token is currently worth $2.391

What is the total supply of WIF?

The total supply of WIF is 2 Billion tokens.

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