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Book of Meme (BOME) is a meme coin on Solana. The project aims to revolutionize meme culture through decentralized storage and trading. The Book of Meme is a comprehensive digital compendium within a meme-centric financial ecosystem. The BOME platform utilizes the speed and scalability of Solana to aid in meme creation and sharing. While many meme coins do not offer utility, BOME seeks to lay the foundations of a meme ecosystem by creating tools such as the updateable electronic magazine, the 'DF1 effect' meme enhancer and a decentralized meme social network app.

The project started in March 2024 when a well-known crypto artist, 'Darkfarms' announced a 24-hour pre-sale for their new project: BOME. Users were invited to contribute a custom amount of Solana to the pre-sale instead of paying a fixed price. Tokens received were proportionate to the amount of SOL one contributed. This new pre-sale method caused community excitement as anyone could participate in the event and launch without being priced out. The team found great success in their plan, gaining over 10,000 SOL or $2 million at day-of-price. With a market cap of over 1 billion, BOME went from 0.0000496 to 0.028 in just 2 days.

The BOME token is generated by staking Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and serves dual functions. As a governance token, you can use it to vote on project proposals to help shape the future of the BOME ecosystem. As the token is derived from the BAYC concept and building a unique platform, this meme coin has strong groundwork that will contribute to increased utility.

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