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Bonk is the current residing overlord of meme coins across all blockchains. This dog-themed coin launched like a firework on December 25th, 2022 by airdropping 50% of its total supply to active Solana users during a tumultuous time for tokenomics. Swaying the hearts and minds of FTX survivors and holiday enthusiasts, the coin hastily earned its reputation as a community-focused and led project. Bonk’s perceived ideology of, "individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean" is reflected in the coin's valuation, purpose and case-use sentiment. Bonk’s dictum, ‘for the people, by the people.’ became its decorated motto as a call to action for emerging developers. The mass adoption by Crypto users has been a titanic wave of attention that one Shiba is surfing across the stars. Where the dawgs at? Bonk.


In the long cold night, an ember guided us home. Bonk is the flame that reignited hope in the bitter aftermath of tragedy. A well-timed strike of a match that lit the torch for the journey to continue. A warm hearth and home to shelter a community from the dread of the dark. Bonk ushered forth a new dawn to rally the Solana community when all seemed lost.

Who created Bonk coin?

The Bonk team is shrouded in mystery, choosing to remain anonymous. The Bonk ecosystem has strong support from a number of prolific Solana NFT projects and developers. There are believed to be 22 ecosystem members who contribute to championing the coin.

How much is a Bonk coin worth?

The current price for one Bonk is $0.0000404

How many Bonk coins are there?

As of January 2024, Bonk’s circulating supply is around 60.84 Trillion coins and has a maximum supply of 93.69 Trillion coins as a Solana-based token. Bonk’s first airdrop of 50 Trillion coins created $20 million in trading volume with the coin's value increasing by 2,000% within a week of listing.

Is Bonk a good investment?

It is difficult to speculate the worth of a meme but an individual could weigh its impact within media and social spaces. Considerations of its rapid market entry and fast growth may shine a light on Bonk coin's rising potential. Collating Bonk's statistical market trends and assessing its risks may cause doubt in its volatility and hyper-focused windows of opportunity. As always, an individual investor will and should have their own set of factors when speculating if Bonk aligns with their personal investment goals.

While Bonk coin exists in a realm of memes and trends, it is important to acknowledge it as a driving force of that realm. Speculate at your own risk.

Can Bonk coin reach 1 cent or 1 dollar?

While Bonk's far-reaching adoption has managed to shred 3 whole 0’s from its all-time low, it has a couple more to go before it hits 1 cent. Is it possible? Computer says no. Given the enormous total supply of nearly 100 trillion coins, Bonk's market cap would need to eclipse the combined GDP of every country on earth for the coin to reach 1 cent. This scenario is extremely unlikely. Can it reach $1 then? You do the math.

How to buy & sell Bonk coin?

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