Join Team Mango
We are looking for full-time contributors to join our core team.
Please contact us on Discord or email us at if you are interested.
Read our Litepaper to learn more about the Mango vision.
Full Stack Developer
1. Experience with crypto trading platforms
2. Experience with writing and using open source libraries in Typescript / Javascript
3. Proven ability to optimize code quality and performance of complex React applications
4. Understanding of responsive css frameworks. We use Tailwind CSS.
5. Exceptional speed implementing features across the stack including backend micro-services serving WebSockets and Rest APIs
6. Excited to offer a centralized exchange feel on top of a fully decentralized platform
7. Excellent written and spoken english communication skills
Blockchain Developer
1. Experienced user of crypto trading platforms
2. Proven ability to create readable and tested programs in Rust or other statically typed languages
3. Excited to create a fully decentralized bitmex alternative by bringing the main drivers of centralized exchange revenue into DeFi
4. Understanding of different DeFi concepts and recent attacks against them (AMMs and flash loans)
5. Exceptional attention to detail and creativity in reasoning about security concerns in dynamic market conditions
6. Excellent written and spoken english communication skills